The Mauritian Institute and  the Center of Medieval Spirituality  have put together a set of programs for tourists


1) main program;
2) special programs;
3) additional programs of choice.

Up until December 31, 2020 there will not be a VAT added to the prices.  The prices of additional programs include VAT.

Main program

„SECRETS OF THE MEDIEVAL MONASTERY“ is a program that introduces the Dominican Monastery in Tallinn by exhibiting parts of the building that have firmly stood the test of time and are of great historical interest. As confirmed by art historians (E. Tool-Marran, The dominican monastery in Tallinn, p. 49), „rooms still remaining from the three-winged Claustrum can be found in the east wing where the most specific and also the most important rooms of the monastery – Sacristy, chapter room, dormitory for monks, prior's living quarters, library, refectory, etc. – were located.“

The program in the Dominican Monastery starts in the eastern courtyard (entrance from Müürivahe St.) A tour guide, dressed in medieval garments, greets the guests and invites them on a historical journey into the world of the medieval monastery.

The guests are led to various rooms that the monks co-habited, including the dormitory, eastern cloister, Sacristy and chapter room (convention hall). The living quarters of prior Mauritius and the old library – Librarium Mauritanum, have been renovated just for the program and are open to the public for the first time.

The tour guide speaks of the spirituality of medieval monasteries, and the principles of monkhood. Cheerful stories of rivalry between popular preacher monks and heads of the church provide a deeper insight into the central role of the monastery in medieval Tallinn. While viewing the library and the prior’s quarters, Mauritius is introduced as the charismatic first scholar in Estonia. The importance of the Dominican order in the educational life of medieval universities is revealed. Light shines upon dramatic events – monks fighting for Tallinn’s right to have a school.

On the way from the eastern cloister to the Sacristy the architectural beauty of the monastery is studied. The tour guide reveals the tradition of knights in Harju - Virumaa to hold certain festivities for men, guarded by the silent walls of the monastery. In the Sacristy guests have the opportunity to taste monastery liqueur and take a closer look at the creation of ashlar craftsmen from ancient Tallinn, the collection of whose works will soon be enlarged by the City Museum.

In the dormitory the visitors are prepared to enter the spiritual energy field of the chapter room. Candles handed out to the guests and the extraordinary acoustics of the room enable more sensitive visitors to experience the room's energetic power and, through that, get a deeper feel of the significance of mysticism in the medieval monastery.


  • Main program fee – 275 €.


The duration of the program is 30-45  minutes.

  • If there are more than 20 members in a group, there is an additional charge of  10  per person starting from the 21st member.





Special programs

Special programs are perfect for those who have a deeper interest in entering the spiritual atmosphere of the medieval monastery. The programs contain introduction of the monastery quarters that makes up in the main program.

Special program fees apply to groups with up to 25 members. If there are more than 25 members in a group, there is an additional charge of 5 € per person starting from the 26th member.

”Meeting the Grand Old Man” – a unique journey into the medieval world of uncompromising discovery of Truth.

Duration of the program 45-60 min. Price – starting from 300€.





”Meeting the Crusader” – introducing clerical orders of knighthood. Orders of knighthood in medieval Tallinn.

Duration of the program 45-60 min. Price – starting from 300- €.







”Meeting prior Mauritius” – Mauritius (from the 13th century), the prior of the monastery and a student of Albertus Magnus, lights a candle of spirituality in the hearts of the guests. Insights into cloister schools and gothic spirituality. Entering the mystic energy room.

Duration of the program 45-60 min. Price – Starting from 300 €.



Additional information on programs and booking:
Mauritian Institute, tel: +372 51 12 536, e-mail:








Additional information on programs and booking:
Mauritian Institute, tel: +372 51 12 536, e-mail:





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