Müürivahe 33, 10140 Tallinn, Estonia

Librarium Mauritanum — the oldest library in Estonia

The first library in Estonia was founded in 1246 in Tallinn by the Dominicans. It was situated in the eastern wing of the Dominican Monastery. The objective of the library was to satisfy the literature needs of local friars and a school which had been founded by the monastery. As a disciple of St. Albertus Magnus, Lecturer Mauritius played an important role in establishing new and much stricter standards of teaching in educating local Dominicans. Under his instructions, both the school and the library achieved a considerable standard. Many original documents preserved from the library are now kept in the Tallinn City Archive and the incunabula department of the National Library of Estonia. The library worked in the rooms of the monastery until the beginning of the Reformation, whereafter the monastery lost its natural function and its premises found use as a military and construction warehouse.






Institutum Mauritanum

Müürivahe 33
10140 Tallinn, Estonia

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